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This site is designed by and for Visual Communications students at the University of Arizona's School of Art in collaboration with Karen White and Miguel Juarez. When working on this site, students are examining multimedia and web development as vehicles to convey messages for the betterment of the world, via political, personal expression and/or social environmental change. Using skills they have learned in graphic design methodologies, semiotic theories and the production of art, they will develop projects that will have social, political or cultural agendas to communicate with the public. This site will also feature sites that students have selected as class projects. This site will also highlight examples of related projects, resources, and historical and inspirational information.

Karen M White, Assistant Professor,
Visual Communications, University of Arizona, Art

Miguel Juarez, Art and Photography Librarian, University of Arizona Library, Center for Creative Photography

site design and maintenance:
Brad Christensen and Josh Gravholt