alternative, anti-establishment & liberation
arts & activism
community organizing/activism
ecology & green movement
global issues
health, education & welfare
historical perspectives
social change/political activism


Information for Social Change
An activist organisation that examines issues of censorship, freedom and ethics amongst library and information workers.

Design for Social Impact
Design firm committed to dedicated to working for a fair and just society.

Hispanic Studies Department at the Tucson Unified School District

PanLeft Video Collective
An Action-based, Non-profit Video Collective Organized to Revolutionize Television

Alternate Roots
Alternate ROOTS is a 250-voice membership organization run by and for Southeastern performing artists who are creating original work in the region.

DiverseWorks Artspace
DiverseWorks is one of the leading contemporary art center in the United States. Known for its groundbreaking artistic education programs. DiverseWorks serves as an open venue for artists, a training ground for future arts administrators and a model for arts centers across the country.

Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media
Grants for independent film, video and radio productions which are compelling politically and artistically and are also used as tools for progressive social change and activism.

Southwest Alternate Media Project is a nonprofit regional media arts center committed to the production, promotion, and presentation of film and video as art forms to a multi-cultural public.

Information and opportunities in the arts.

South End Press
A collectively run 20-year-old publishing group that nurtures and inspires radical social change.

Straight Up Pictures
An organization dedicated to promoting social change through video, photography and writing.

Guerrilla Girls
The Guerrilla Girls are a group of women artists, writers, performers, film makers and arts professionals who fight discrimination.

Tucson Arts Brigade
The Tucson Arts Brigade (TAB) is a grassroots organization dedicated to honoring indigenous cultural renewal, promoting intergenerational empowerment, and inspiring the revival of communities through the public arts.
901 13th Ave. #131 (West on 2nd St. from Stone in the Splinter Bros. Studios)
(505) 388-9553/792-6483

National Association of Artists' Organizations (NAAO)

An artist/activist project dedicated to the art of social change and cultural democracy. Exhibitions of socially conscious protest art.

Visual AIDS
Organization designed to increase public awareness of AIDS through the visual arts, creating programs of exhibitions, events and publications, and working in partnership with artists, galleries, museums and AIDS organizations.

A counter-culture electronic publication promoting unknown artists from around the world.